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1st Virtual Event

Friday, October 23rd, 2020


Tickets for this year’s event were donation based. 

Additional donations to help us advance our mission are still accepted and appreciated!

12th Annual Breakfast Event Highlight Videos

Welcome Remarks & Executive Director Announcement
Sustainable Community Champion Awards
Keynote Presentation: Nathaniel Smith
Keynote Presentation: Justin Onwenu
Keynote Presentation: Monica Lewis Patrick
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Daryl Pierson

Chief Sustainability Officer at Wayne State University

Detroit Hives.png

Detroit Hives

501c(3) non-profit organization

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Hope Village CDC

community development corporation 

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Planet Detroit

Weekly email newsletter

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Monica Lewis Patrick 

Monica Lewis-Patrick (aka The Water Warrior) is an educator, entrepreneur, and human rights activist/advocate. She has served as Director of Community Outreach & Engagement since 2009. She was unanimously elected by the Board to become the President & CEO. 

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Justin Onwenu

In March, Onwenu was thrown into rapid response as a new kind of disaster — the coronavirus pandemic — hit Detroit’s black community hard. Onwenu immediately set to work organizing a metro Detroit COVID-19 response including a Facebook group and coordination of mutual aid efforts across the city.

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Nathaniel Smith

Nathaniel Smith is the Founder and Chief Equity Officer (CEqO) for the Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE), which advances policies and actions that progress a “New Southern Agenda” for racial equity and shared prosperity in the American South.

 Special musical performance by 

EcoWorks 11th Annual Breakfast

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Keynote Speaker

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dorceta taylor bio photo_circle.png

Dr. Dorceta Taylor

Environmental sociologist

michelle martinez bio photo_circle.png

Michelle Martinez

Environmental justice activist

Greg Mangan bio photo_circle.png

Greg Mangan

Real Estate Advocate

semis coalition logo bio_circle.png

SEMIS Coalition

Community Stewardship Organization

EcoWorks 10th Annual Breakfast

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Additional questions can be directed to

Tasha Williams
313.894.1030 ext. 119

We look forward to “seeing” you on October 23!

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