Equal Opportunity Employment Policy:

EcoWorks has a long-standing record of nondiscrimination because of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, disability, weight, gender, sexual orientation or age. All EcoWorks policies, practices and procedures relating to training, development, and promotion are administered equally and in accordance with all applicable laws. All employees, interns, and volunteers are responsible for complying with these policies, procedures, and laws. It is also EcoWorks' policy to give full and fair consideration to applications from disabled persons and to provide appropriate training, development and promotion prospects to persons with disabilities. EcoWorks will regularly monitor these procedures to ensure continued compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity guidelines.

AmeriCorps Summer Crewmember

The Youth Energy Squad (YES) is seeking individuals ages 17-24 for the position of AmeriCorps Summer Crew Member to serve our community and the environment, all while earning both a stipend and an educational scholarship! AmeriCorps Summer Crew Members will work with the EcoWorks and its community partners to design and execute a sustainability project in the city of Detroit. Crew Members will receive a stipend of $1,164.00 through Grow Detroit’s Young Talent and an educational award of $1,289.95 through AmeriCorps. Significant time will be dedicated to leadership development, career and education exploration, and mentorship.

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