Celebrating 35 Years of Sustainable Solutions!

In honor of our 35th anniversary, EcoWorks is creating the Spirit of EcoWorks, a concise, meaningful representation of our "true north" and what drives us as an organization. We sought to capture hints of the spirit that has nourished and sustained us and that has shaped our work in the community.

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Residential Education workshops in 1981 (top) and 2016 (bottom).

It's hard to believe that we were born shortly after Reagan was inaugurated, Coleman Young won his third term as Detroit's mayor, gas prices hit record highs, and the global CO2 concentration was 340 parts per million (ppm), far below the 402 ppm we're at now. 


Many of our problems of 1981 have resurfaced thirty five years later.  A recession drove unemployment in Michigan to a national high of 14.5% by 1982.  There were major racial justice issues, like the forced seizure of 1,300 homes, 140 business, 6 churches and a hospital via eminent domain for the construction of the GM Detroit/Hamtramck Assembly Plant.


35 years after our founding, EcoWorks continues to respond to the pressing issues of our time while developing longterm solutions.  We will continue to partner with residents, schools, organizations, and communities to get ahead of the curve--to be resilient in the face of utility prices and climate change while enhancing access and affordability to green neighborhoods, green careers, and green and healthy homes.

Reflecting on turning 35...

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