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Workforce Developement

Our Program

EcoWorks Eco-D Green Building Upgrade Clearinghouse 


Welcome to EcoWorks' innovative Eco-D program, where we're revolutionizing the way communities approach green building upgrades. Imagine a bustling hub where community organizations, skilled workers, and contractors converge to simplify the process of identifying and implementing green building enhancements for homes, businesses, places of worship, and community spaces.

Our goal? To accelerate Detroit's journey towards building electrification and decarbonization by addressing the hurdles that hinder progress. Currently, contractors face challenges in finding qualified labor, prioritizing projects, and meeting fluctuating demands efficiently.

Here's how our Eco-D clearinghouse model steps in to solve these issues:

-Neighborhood-Scale Assessment: We conduct thorough assessments of building readiness and upgrade requirements, tailored to each community's unique needs.

-Contractor Matchmaking: By evaluating projects and matching them with the right contractors, we ensure that every upgrade is executed with precision and expertise.

-Local Workforce Development: We align upgrade scopes with existing workforce development programs in Detroit, fostering a ready pool of skilled workers for contractors to tap into.

-Collaborative Decision-Making: Through collaborative efforts between neighborhood organizations, property owners, contractors, and EcoWorks, we develop bundled scopes of work that are both economically viable and aligned with community needs.

Join us in building a greener, more sustainable future for Detroit, one upgrade at a time, through the transformative power of the Eco-D program.

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