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Detroit Heat Watch

Feeling the heat in Detroit?

Take action by participating in our community heat-mapping study!

Be a " Street scientist" and help discover which areas of our city are hotter or cooler during an extreme heat event.

Jordan Larson

Mapping Director

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  • Why is mapping heat in our region important? You'll learn about how different neighborhoods vary in terms of heat across the region, and why. 

  • On a designated “Campaign Day”, you’ll collect thousands of temperature and humidity measurements over 3 one-hour periods. (target date: August 1st) 

  • Your contribution will reveal the distribution of heat across our region, helping our city to target heat relief resources to neighborhoods that need it the most. 

You can be in our HeatWatch campaign as a:

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Left: Scientists attaching a part for the car tracker. 

This will allow the tracker to be stable outside while the person drives.

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All three EcoWorks programs are united under the Net Zero F.A.S.T. umbrella and provide just, equitable solutions to climate change and other community sustainability challenges.

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