Energy Efficiency Assistance Program


This program is only eligible for DTE Energy gas and/or electric customers in Metropolitan Detroit.

In partnership with DTE Energy, EcoWorks can replace your old, inefficient refrigerator for free with a new, ENERGY STAR® certified model through the DTE Energy Efficiency Assistance Program (EEA).


We can only replace refrigerators manufactured before December 2013. This program is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Gibran Washington

Eco-D Program Manager

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Easy steps to apply:

1. Check to see if you and your refrigerator meet the program qualifications listed below.

2. Apply online!

  • Completing the online application is the fastest and easiest way to get your new refrigerator with minimal delays.

If the qualifications are met, you will hear from our EEA team to schedule an initial visit.


If you are waiting for a refrigerator to be delivered, you will be contacted by phone or text in the order in which you've been processed.

Program Qualifications


Refrigerator Qualification Checklist

Step 1: Find Model & Serial Numbers

  • Look for the model number and serial number. We will be unable to process your application without both numbers. The information can be found on a sticker or plaque on the refrigerator (A).

  • The sticker can be found in one of several locations:

    • Commonly found inside the refrigerator on the side or rear wall (C).

    • Front edge of the refrigerator ceiling panel (D).

    • Behind a lower crisper drawer (E).

    • Behind the kickplate at the bottom of the refrigerator (F).

  • If you are sure there is no model or serial number, or if it is scratched off, contact our office.

Step 2: Find the Manufactured Date

  • Your refrigerator may have a "MFG date" or a "Manufactured On" date (B). Please include this date.

  • If your refrigerator does not have this date, check the age of your refrigerator at Appliance 411.

Unable to read or find your refrigerator label?

If your refrigerator label isn't identifiable, we will need to set up a 2-3 hour metering appointment to determine how much energy is being used by the refrigerator. Only if the energy usage meets our requirements will the refrigerator be replaced.

Program Income Qualifications

In order to qualify for the program, you must be able to verify that your annual income is at or below:

What to Expect


Replacement Refrigerator Specifications

Brand: Frigidaire

Top-mounted freezer

ENERGY STAR® Certified

No through-the-door ice service

Automatic defrost

Capacity: 18 Cu. Ft.

Width: 30"

Height: 66-5/8"

Estimated yearly cost: $44

Estimated yearly energy usage: 370 kWh

Your Initial Visit Also Includes:

Insulating pipe wrap installation

Switching out CFL for LED light bulbs

A low-flow showerhead

Faucet aerators for your bathroom

and kitchen

Due to COVID-19, we are attempting to process as many applicants without an Initial Home Visit as possible, Therefore, If you can complete all sections of the online application and return any email request for documentation received from This will allow us to serve people in safe and timely manner. 


Thank you,


EcoWorks DTE EEA Program

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