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In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and in the acknowledgment of the impacts of COVID-19 on DPSCD families, EcoWorks and the DPSCD Go Green Challenge invite any DPSCD student or family to participate in the Healthy Homes Kit program.

This is a temporary program aimed at giving students and families the information and resources they need to improve the sustainability of their homes. The first 500 families to participate in the Healthy Homes Kit program will receive a FREE customized kit of materials that will help them save money on their energy and water bills and help them improve the health of their home. Free kits will be delivered directly to families. 

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Anna Balzer

YES Program Director

Alexander Smith

DPSCD Director of Sustainability

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How do I participate?

To participate, students and families must first conduct an audit of their homes. In the audit, students may look for air leaks around doors and windows, inefficient lightbulbs, running toilets, high-use faucets, harsh cleaning chemicals, and other opportunities for improved sustainability. 

Next, students and families will use the results of their audit to take a brief survey, which can be completed online or over the phone if internet is not available.

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