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Sacred Spaces Clean Energy Grant


This pilot project addresses two challenges: the harm caused by the climate crisis and the difficulty for low-income congregations to pay for the achievement of energy efficiency for their buildings. The urgency of the climate crisis means that low-income houses of worship need help transitioning to more sustainable forms of heating and cooling.


Low-income people in the US are also those who confront the climate crisis first and foremost. Often these same people experience inequitable environmental degradation where they live and work. This pilot project will provide both energy efficiency and likely renewable energy to the houses of worship where low-income people live in the state of Michigan.

The savings created by making these public buildings more energy efficient will allow congregations to use that money to provide more services to their communities. This will serve to make Michigan houses of worship more resilient and support the whole community in times of need. For more information please visit the Climate Witness Project.

Project Partners

Sacred Spaces project partners are Michigan Interfaith Power & Light, World Renew, Climate Witness Project, EcoWorks, the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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Are you an energy efficiency contractor interested in supporting this work? Submit your information below!

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